Nail It Forward

  1. Men Get Pedicures Too

    10 Aug 2021
    There’s so many men that are against getting pedicures. I’m almost certain if they truly knew and understood the benefits, we wouldn’t have room to keep them away. Here’s one of my clients that has reached out to me about his feet and has been coming ever since. Take a…

  2. Keeping Our Standards High

    10 Aug 2021
    Nail it Forward has partnered with Dudley’s Beauty School in Washington D.C. We are bridging the gap for Novice to succeed once they have successfully completed their time studying, hours shadowing other professionals, implementing/developing their skills to embark on their course of wellness/beauty. Let me know what you think. Comment…

  3. Home Foot Care Regiment

    10 Aug 2021
    Routine home foot care Foot-care is more than a pedicure. You must invest in products that will carry on beyond your service. Nit everyone will have the same effect. However if you are open for suggestions and are willing to do set aside 10 mins every morning after showing and…

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